The new era of

Experience Institutional grade trading on-chain. Leveraged perps, options & OTC Desk to swap size.

How it works?


Add funds to your Margin Account

Wide variety of stable supported. Bridge from any chain in a few clicks



What's different?

Lightning-fast execution

Execution is crucial for scalable and usable blockchain networks.

OTC-RFQ to trade size

Maximize Your Trading Strategy with High Trade Size Execution Capabilities

Incentivised Liquidity

Incentivised liquidity provision via fee rebates can lead to a more efficient market

Bringing CeFi UX to DeFi

Explore the Variety of Order Types Available for a Personalized Trading Experience

Peak capital efficiency

Cross-margin and 20x leverage maximize capital efficiency and manage risk effectively.

Vertically integrated stack

Efficiently Execute Perps and Options Spreads with Bundled Order Capabilities

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